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USA Cannabis Seeds

USA Cannabis Seeds

The relaxed laws regarding the planting and cultivation of cannabis seeds in the USA has led to many states allowing their adult residents to grow a limited number of plants for personal use. Although still illegal under federal law, changing public opinion has forced many parts of the country to allow cannabis use for a variety of medical applications, and in some states such as Nevada, California and Colorado, allow it’s use for both medical and recreational purposes.

With many more people now able to legally plant cannabis seeds in the USA, the demand for high quality seeds has never been greater, or the search for good, contemporary information regarding the right methods and techniques available to produce the best, most potent buds and heaviest harvests. In general the cannabis seeds you choose to purchase should reflect your chosen growing method, whether indoors or outside, as well as your level of experience and location.

Although all cannabis seeds will grow outdoors, some strains are more suited to conditions outside than others, and the choice of strains capable of producing high quality buds varies depending upon your location. The USA enjoys varies weather, depending upon the state and it’s location. Colorado is perfect for Winter skiing, but with such a short Summer and window of opportunity for planting cannabis seeds, only fast flowering Indica’s and autoflowering seeds have an real opportunity to fully develop and ripen before the onset of Fall.

Alternatively cannabis growers in southern states such as California, Nevada and Florida have a far longer and warmer Summer, providing the perfect conditions for a variety of different cannabis seeds and strains. Slow, longer-flowering Sativa’s are often more dominant here, especially during late September and early October when many growers are harvesting their season-long plants. Sativa dominant strains can produce very tall plants, often reaching over two meters and more of a tree than a bush or plant. Although flowering can take several weeks longer than their Sativa counter-parts, the heavy yields more than compensate for this longer flowering period.

Autoflowering seeds are also commonly planted in many of the southern states, allowing growers to produce two, three and sometimes four yields from the same space in a year, especially when the seeds are germinated and stated prior to harvesting the previous plants. Requiring few hours of darkness, autoflowering seeds are the perfect option for planting outdoors during the height of Summer. While traditional seeds are in their full vegetative stage, these seeds are growing and producing flowers and buds simultaneously, guaranteeing the quickest, fastest harvests possible.

If you are thinking of purchasing USA cannabis seeds and growing them, ensure the laws in your state allow you to do so. Even though you may live in one of the states that has legalized the recreational use of cannabis, or medical marijuana, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allowed to grow cannabis plants legally, and there are restrictions on the number of plants, and where they can be grown in every state, whether for medical or recreational use.

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