Growing Marijuana In Alabama

Marijuana Seeds In Alabama Growing marijuana in Alabama is against both federal and state law, and unlike many of the more liberal and forward-thinking states has no medical marijuana program, or plans for the establishment of one. It does have a small medical CBD program for treating severe, debilitating epileptic conditions, but it’s low in... Continue Reading →


Growing Marijuana In Alaska

Marijuana Seeds In Alaska Alaska may not be the first state on people’s lips when they think of growing marijuana in the USA, but it should be. California may believe it’s the ‘trend-setting state’ and Colorado claim to be the state that began to break down the barriers to allow legal possession and cultivation, but... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In Arizona

Marijuana Seeds In Arizona Arizona has an active medical marijuana program, operational since the law was amended in 2011 and currently has approximately 100,000 registered patients. Once registered, qualifying patients are able to legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of dried and prepared marijuana, purchased from one of the many state licensed dispensaries. Registered patients... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In Arkansas

Marijuana Seeds In Arkansas Growing marijuana in Arkansas is illegal, and despite the popular vote on November 9th 2016 legalizing the use of medical marijuana for registered patients, the process of issuing state licenses for both growing and dispensing medical marijuana remains ongoing, with regulators having until July 1st 2017 to begin accepting applications for... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In California

Marijuana Seeds In California California is regarded as a global trendsetter in both popular culture and politics, so it is no surprise that growing marijuana in California has been legal for registered medical marijuana patients since 1996. However, since the vote on proposition 64, California has joined other liberal, forward-thinking states, and has legalized limited... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In Colorado

Marijuana Seeds In Colorado Possession of limited amounts of marijuana in Colorado has been legal for a while now, Governor John Hickenlooper officially added the law to his state’s constitution on Monday December 10, 2012 making the private consumption of marijuana legal within the state, and the first stores officially opened on January 1, 2014. Prior to... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In Connecticut

Marijuana Seeds In Connecticut Although growing marijuana in Connecticut is illegal, the state does have a medical marijuana program that has been operational since 2012 and offers registered patients the right to possess one months supply, purchased from one of the state licensed dispensaries. With over 12,700 registered medical marijuana patients, and a long list... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In Delaware

Marijuana Seeds In Delaware Delaware has allowed the possession of medical marijuana for registered patients since 2011, and although the state were slow to implement the changes, and grant the necessary licenses for authorized dispensaries, there are now two operational and licensed facilities in the northern part of the state. Personal allowances of up to... Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana In Florida

Marijuana Seeds In Florida The laws regarding medical marijuana in Florida are changing. The amendments, passed in 2016 now allows for the use of medical marijuana for a wider range of conditions including PTSD, AIDS and Parkinson’s Disease. Although all registered patients will need to be authorized by a qualified doctor, and the amounts of... Continue Reading →

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